Welcome to Dementia Mentors

Our new website is specifically designed to help anyone living with dementia. In fact, even our mentors have been diagnosed with some kind of a dementia related disease. Consequently, they understand the trials and tribulations that you, with dementia are going through. Even our website designer, who is also a founder, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease many years ago.

Our Goals:

—Provide supportive mentoring, motivation, social engagement and more for those living with dementia.

—To be honest and tell it like it is. No sugar coating.

—Show you how you can rule your dementia and not let dementia rule you!


Through this website you will be able to converse one-on-one with a dementia mentor (Remember, all mentors are living with the symptoms of dementia themselves).

This will be accomplished via video chat.

By using a computer equipped with a webcam and mic, you will be able to do this from the privacy and comfort of your own home. The tool we are using is as simple as the clicking on a link.

This is a “safe place.” The sessions are strictly confidential. We want everyone to be comfortable asking their mentor anything!

Motivational Videos:

We have several short and empowering videos, created by our mentors, instructing how to rule your disease. We will add new videos weekly.

Virtual Memory Café:

We will be hosting live, virtual memory café’s. These social gatherings are only for those with dementia. A mentor will always be in attendance. If you wish to talk about your symptoms, that’s fine, or if you simply want to talk about the weather, that’s fine as well.

We want to help you stay socially connected by providing you with an hour or so with real people that are walking in the same shoes that you are.

We will be hosting other virtual special events, posting the dates and times on our Activity Page.

Activity Page:

“Use it or lose it.” To prevent “loss” we have created an activity page where the puzzles are designed with dementia in mind.

These puzzles will be changed periodically in order to keep your mind working. This is one of the wisest things to do to possibly slow down the devastation dementia can leave in its wake.

I'm very excited about this new project. I know this will help many through their campaign of dementia.

Brain Storming Sessions:

Join our brain storming sessions and brain storm with us about the needs of people with Dementia. We brain storm on line via a simple to use video chat tool.

Our brain storming sessions are fun and stimulating. There is no right or wrong — only great ideas and a free flowing discussion about what people living with Dementia and their families want and need — now and in the future.


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